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Welcome to, an English fansite dedicated to Japanese pop and rock singer okui, masami [OKUI Masami].

Here you will find recent news, lyrics and liner note translations, Okui Masami's discography, CD reviews, and more. Thank you for visiting!

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2007.12.17 -
Ho ho, yes I'm still alive, and no, I haven't forgotten this site, though I sometimes feel like I have! Here's a substantial update for you all: the latest news, updated discography section including 'Masami Life' and 'INSANITY', and as an extra present, (semi-)new selected diary translations from makusonia that serve as liner notes of sorts for all the tracks on 'Masami Life'. Also, a song translation of my favorite track on Masami Life:

    Okui Masami - Wonderful Days   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

Happy holidays, everyone!!

2007.09.07 -
Just a little update in the News section, and the discography section is more or less updated now.

2007.06.06 -
Tons of information in the News section, and a couple of translations. I have a couple of Okui songs also in the process of being translated, so look for those in the coming week.

    CORE OF SOUL - Kujira   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Onitsuka Chihiro - King of Solitude   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2007.04.14 -
Having recently completed my board exams/USMLE (first part, anyway -- yay!! -- though not quite sure if I passed, really), I decided to do a translation or two. Also, a short bit in the News section. Also, my old e-mail address is dead, so please refer to the contact page if you'd like to e-mail me.

    Okui Masami - Iteza no Tsuki no Koromo ni   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Okui Masami - Last Sun   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Okui Masami - Red   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Yaida Hitomi - Niji no Drive   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2007.01.20 -
Yay! A sample of Makkun's newest single, "Remote Viewing" is now up at the evolution-m website. Fans of dance music, rejoice! This one's pretty catchy... ^_^

2007.01.02 -
Happy New Year!! How is everyone? I hope you had a warm and safe Christmas holiday, and best wishes on this new year! '7' is a lucky number for many people, so here's to a year with more happiness, love, and success in all the good things that we do.

Sorry, not a big update this time. News has stuff, and a translation of one of my favorite songs from Makkun's latest album 'evolution':

    MASAMI OKUI - SOUL MATE   translation  |  s-jis  |  text


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