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Arrow I wish... Last Album Track


Image property of makusonia. 'I wish,' the song that Kuribayashi Minami-chan wrote for me.

This album concludes with the previous track 'Wonderful Days,' but this song and this song alone has a different feeling to it....
Ever since I came to know Minami-chan, we've talked about and discussed a lot of things.
I think she knows me, 'Okui Masami,' not as a singer but as another woman.
I feel she wrote this song with all her heart thinking of me.

When I got the song, I thought, 'I want to write these kind of lyrics!', but as I hunkered down and kept listening to the song, the lyrics I ended up writing were different from those I had planned at first.

I thought, 'Huh? How did that happen?' but I ended up just trying to put on paper all the feelings and words that naturally spilled out.
Well... it's not really deep or anything, so I'll just leave it at that.

My wish and hope is that you can listen to all of these songs and that they'll grow with you.
When you're sad, when you want to cry, this is a song for those times.
If you want to cheer up, just like this song says, please be loving towards yourself. m(_ _)m

Arrow Wonderful Days... 11th Album Track


Image property of makusonia. On with more song introductions!

This is the first song in a long while composed and arranged by Yabu-san (Yabuki Toshirou).
I asked him to write 'an upbeat song, please!'
Somehow, I had already decided what the lyrics were going to be about. (^_-)

In 'It's my life,' I looked back at my daily habits and personality...
Through this album, I put the feelings from my daily life and experiences into song.
There's something that I've been constantly thinking and fretting about in the past few months, and in relation to that, the solution I've come up with is, to keep walking my own path.

The path that is my very own....
Even if it's clumsy, I want to live honestly.
Even if it's a thorny path...

If there's another life after this... If I'm reborn... I feel that I won't be able to go a step up unless I've lived in the 'now' with all my might in this world.
Chances won't just wait for me.

I don't want to blame things on other people,
I don't want to blame things on other things,
'If I had only done this at that time...'
Because even if I do feel that way, I'm fine wtih the dreams I've chosen.

When I received this song and wrote the lyrics, I was able to escape from where I had been, and be revived.

Aaahhhh...... I want to sing this song live as soon as I can!

Arrow Cellphones... 10th Album Track


'mobile magic'

Text messages over cellphone are so convenient.
'Things that are hard to say are now easy to say'.
I do think that's true somehow.

It can be hard to say something directly to another person's face.
You gotta have guts to talk about what you really want.
There are moments when what you really want clashes with that of others... be it friends, the person you love, work acquaintances....

I'm what you call a strong person on the outside.
That is, I act strong on the outside, but in the inside I'm weak.
As I get closer to someone, I'm less and less able to say things........

Because of this personality and habits of mine, I'm grateful to have cellphone text messaging.
Sometimes I read too much into someone's e-mail,
or maybe even get a little paranoid, or take the wrong nuance from it,
and I often write a mail in reply that's too harsh.

With the trend of using emoticons, it's become easier to relay one's feelings, but sometimes misunderstandings can still happen.
That's why, when you're arguing, or have something you want to say, something important, I feel it's still better to meet someone face to face and talk.

You've got to take the risk, even if 'It's hard to face that person,' or 'It's hard to say it', and do what you should do.
If you do that, maybe you'll even reach that person's heart for the first time....

Arrow sion... 9th Album Track


The album's already out, so I need to hurry.
So, sion.

This is from my addiction of addictions, 'Muv-Luv.'
This song was the opening for the limited release version of Unlimited.
I played the Alternative game until the very end, and with this game I again got addicted playing the character called Meiya.

I guess you could say I was a little obsessed.
Noble, dignified, with deep love... I hope those who have played the game understand...

I wrote the lyrics and music for this song...
Well, I can't write too much abou it, but try playing the game if you'd like!

Arrow Haitoku no KISS... 8th Album Track


Image property of makusonia. My latest music composition is starting to gel together, so here's an introduction to another song.
'Haitoku no KISS'
This was also released on a single.
An angel who fell in love with a human... A sinful love.
Well, I'm using the angel figuratively, but the song is about committing to a love that is so-called 'unpardonable.'

For people to have such love, I think it's wonderful if anyone is able to experience such a love for someone else.
Something.... I don't know what, but I feel 'Something' also goes against that, though.

But surely, some time in the long distant past, there was a time when an angel and a human fell in love....

This is like 'Wasuregusa,' but I seem to like portraying love between people and angels or flowers or so on.
When I'm in my zone to write lyrics, I see these fantastical stories so beautifully in my mind.....

These two songs are both kind of ephemeral, sad songs.

Photo: When this candle melted, it started to take the shape of an angel's wings.

Arrow Wasuregusa... 7th Album Track


Image property of makusonia. 'Wasuregusa,' a new song.

It's usually written in kanji [literally it means, 'grass of forgetfulness', but is the name of a flower called the 'day lily'], but visually it looked better written in katakana.
It's a story about a time looooonng ago, in an era when there were still no cars, when a small flower blooming at the edge of the path fell in love with a human.

Wishing only for that person to smile, it bloomed with all its might, but then it made a wish to be with the human.
One day, that wish was granted, and the human picked the flower and brought it home. But...
The moment the flower was picked, its short life ended.

In the next life, the flower wants to be reborn as a human, and then meet with the person it loves, and make him or her smile.

That's what this song is about.
It's a little sad and heartwrenching.
Kageyama-san was kind enough to play the acoustic guitar for this song. v(^_^)v

Arrow Remote Viewing/ESP... 6th Album Track


It's been a little while since my last album song introduction. Let's resume!
Since the release date is coming up soon, anyway.

'Remote Viewing'
This was also a single.
Since this would be the theme song to the game, I immersed myself in its world.
Around that time, a book I was really hooked on also mentioned remote viewing.

Living in this world, in reality are we all maybe being watched, being manipulated or controlled in some way? That's what occurred to me.
In some large country or another, there is an organization with such abilities that is doing some sort of investigation, and in order to keep hiding a great secret that's crucial to the world....
It's that sort of mysterious, suspenseful image.

That's what this song is about. (^v^)

Arrow The Circle of Time... 5th Album Track


Image property of makusonia. Well.... 'RING'.

This was also released as a single this summer! (By Index Music.)
As the OP for 'Space-Time Detectives Wecker Signa', it's about space-time as a circle of time.
The heroines in the story travel through space-time, through the future, present, and past....
I've wondered before that the flow of time may seem linear, but in truth isn't it more like a ring?

The present and the past are proceeding at the same time.
This will come up again later when I introduce the song 'sion,' as it's similar to the perspective of the world in Muv-Luv, although there isn't anything like parallel universes or alternate dimensions...

Oh, I'm getting a little off-topic here... The heroines in this drama battle their enemies without losing to destiny. I wanted to sing a cool song about that, so I wrote this song.
Before the chorus there's a long break; it's fun to think about what I'll do in that time during my concerts... Well, I'm brainstorming on it right now. (OwO)

Speaking of which, I wonder if we're having just an isolated downpour right now, or if another typhoon is coming....

>_< I'll do my best today.

P.S. My bangs are growing out again (photo).

Arrow Earth in 2012... 4th Album Track


Image property of makusonia.'GAIA2012'.

In 1999, there was talk of Nostradamus's prophecies.
But it seems like it was only in Japan that it became a big topic of discussion...
As a kid, I really believed that I wouldn't live all the way until the year 2000, and I wasn't able to plan out anything (seriously), so I've been fumbling my way through these last 7 years.

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will end in the year 2012.
There's the ascension, the photon belt, etc.... Rumors of many things. I don't think the world is going to be destroyed, but just observing the course of today's society, the situation abroad, the environment, it feels like the world has certainly gotten a lot harder to live in in many ways.
I wrote about this in other songs too, but how shall we live from now on?
What do we want to protect? What's important to each of us personally?
To put it clearly, we have to do all that we should do and walk with our eyes looking forward.

While we each assert our own independence, I think it's also vital that humankind puts its hands together as we proceed into the future.
Those were the thoughts that I put into this song.

GAIA: The earth goddess.

Arrow The Real Power of the Women of the World... 3rd Album Track


Track 3 is '-w-'.

It was recorded on the single this summer.
I had it written for the Anisama concert.
I haven't done a dance number for a while, so I decided to do one for this year's Anisama. (^w^)

To do a 'dance' song, I had some help in getting the right sound.
The theme was 'women'.
I wanted to express the living beings we call women.
The real power that lies within women who everyday in the world are working so hard...
However strict they are, however soft or weak they are...
I feel that every one of them holds a hidden strength, and I wanted to express that.

There's also a kind of theme of 'Surviving Through the Coming Era' in this song.
Like Joan of Arc... women who are leading us in battle....

But I also wanted to express that women also have weaknesses.
Women who get exhausted by love, who give up on love, who figuratively cut their hair short and go on fighting...
They've decided they want to attract the object of their love using bravado or magic, but even an enchantress with the greatest powers of attraction, if she falls in love or becomes enamored....
It won't work out in reality. ...I wrote about those complicated emotions.

Arrow Local War... 2nd Album Track


The 2nd track is 'Limited War.'

A sliiiightly radical (new) song that I really wanted on this album.
Mon-chan wrote and composed this, and Choco-Flake*Yasu played the bass.

Singing about and critiquing the ways of the world...
I sang about my viewpoint of the world.

In a world that's so hard to live in, how do we survive when things constantly are changing around us?

Hot or cold, high or low, male or female, so on and so on, our whole universe has been divided into opposing extremes, hasn't it?
Darkness exists because there is light.

Our worries, our problems... It can even be said of evil, I think, that precisely because it exists we have something else that we can see and sense. And personally, I feel I shouldn't look at things with a narrow way of thinking or with blinders on.

Without realizing it, I instigate a sort of local war all on my own.

There is surely worth in surviving through such a hard to survive through world.
Surely, the very act of 'surviving' is it's own worth, isn't it?

I think it turned out really well... this song.

Arrow Masami Life


Starting today, I'm going to be writing about each of the songs on the album.

The first song is 'It's my life'.
It's one of the singles. I had already decided on 'Masami Life' to be the title of the album when I wrote the lyrics to this song!
As it's already become 15 years since debuting, I wanted to take a look back at my life.
I usually don't really like looking backwards or anything, but I wondered, 'What kind of person am I, hmm?'
And who I found was like the person in this song.
Once I decide, 'It's here!' or 'It's this!', whether it's a mountain or a valley, a wall or the edge of a cliff, I stubbornly walk straight ahead.
When I was younger, I wasn't afraid of anything at all.
As you grow up, perhaps you start to carry too much on you... In the end, you start to wonder, what are the most important things you need on this journey of life?

Many things happen (or have happened) in my life. The things that were good, the things that may have appeared bad, I felt thankful for everything that's happened.
That's what this song is about. (-^w^-)

Thus ends my introduction to the first song!

Today, I'm writing lyrics.
I'll write the lyrics for 1 song.


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