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Quick Stats:
name:   OKUI Masami [OKUI Masami] (artist's name: okui,masami)
birth:   Itamishi in Hyougo prefecture on March 13th
bloodtype:   A

Okui Masami was introduced to rock and pop music in middle school, and as she also had been taught how to play the piano from an early age, she joined a band. She later become the lead vocalist and, deciding to continue her music pursuits, Okui terminated her studies for the escalator entrance exam to college and instead entered the Osaka University of Arts (Ohsaka Geijutsu Daigaku). However, deciding to work professionally in the music industry, she left the university in the middle of a school term and went to Tokyo.

In November 1989, Okui officially began her career as a back-up singer to Yuki Saitoh in the latter's concert tours. She also worked as back-up for Tomoyo Harada, WINK, and others and participated in various concert tours.

During this time, in August 1991, Okui made her recording debut under King Records with "Dare Yori mo Zutto". After passing this first challenge with flying colors, she went on to do full-time solo work.

The release of the album "DEVOTION" on August 2001 marked Okui Masami's first ever self-produced CD release. In October 2001, "okui,masami concert tour 2002 -crossroad-" toured all across Japan, and her other activities have included publishing a column in the popular magazine Newtype and co-hosting the TV-Osaka music program "M-VOICE". Notably, in celebration of her 10th anniversary as a professional vocalist, she partipated in collaborative work with JAM (Japan Animationsong Makers) Project, Anigemaster (a radio program), and fellow singers Ishida Youko and Yonekura Chihiro.

In 2003, Okui announced the beginning of her self-established record label company, evolution (produced with the support of Geneon Entertainment). As a music producer, Okui has begun scouting and auditions for new music talents.

At present, Okui Masami has turned out more than 35 singles, 15 albums, and many other releases including promotion video clips, live concerts, and collaboration works with JAM Project, r.o.r/s, and others.

Your Start in Music :
As a child, I liked to sing, so when my parents saw a local Osaka program called Shirouto Meiji Kai, they had me perform on it. I won the Meiji prize, and after that my parents started to encourage me to sing.
Favorite (and Influential) Musicians :
Seiko Matsuda, Yumi Matsutoya, Mariya Takeuchi, Mari Hamada, LAZY (former), BON JOVI, Aerosmith, etc.
Instruments Owned :
Guitar given to me by monta-kun, guitar from Sasoyan
Favorite Saying :
"When you pray, pour all your life, love, and feeling into your words. From those words will come a source of creative thinking." ~Dr. Joseph Murphy


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