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- Hitomi Yaida: i/flancy (TOCT-24888)


Teresa Ko

sabishiku naru kurai shizuka na gogo
totsuzen anata wa waraikaketa
nani mo mienaku narisou na hizashi daite
On a lonesome quiet afternoon,
You suddenly smiled at me
Wearing your paint-stitched jeans
With the dazzling sunlight all around you

kakechigaeta no wa BOTAN dake ja nai
deau no ga ososugita wake demo nai
todome no yasashisa   nodo no fukai toko
ima ni mo kowarete shimaisou na jikan wo tomete
It wasn't only a phone number that we got wrong between us [1]
And it wasn't that we met one another too late
Deep down in my throat, even now, I'm about to break
I want time to stop, as a last act of kindness

ameagari tachiagari
demo arukenai watashi ni
boku ja dame kana mou nakanaide tte
sotto sasoidashite kureta
The rain stops and I stand up
But can't walk forward,
'Maybe I'm not the one for you. Don't cry any more,'
You said quietly, and invited me out

konna zurui omoi ja anata to wa
issho ni itai kedo   irarenai yo
watashi no ookime no JAKETTO kaete
sonna no shitteru tte anata wa waratta
With these unfair feelings,
I want to be with you, but I can't be with you
Wearing your jacket that's too big for me
You said with a laugh, 'I know that."

ameagari futari katari
tatoe kotae wa nakutomo
ashimoto wo utsusu mizutamari hibiki watareba
doko made mo yukeru you na sonna ki ga shite
tonari ni norikonda
The rain stops and the two of us talk
Even if we can't reach an answer
When it echoes out from that puddle of water down at our feet
I feel like I can go absolutely anywhere
So I climbed in next to you

ikou yo   hora ikou yo   ano niji made   kaze narashite
ikou yo   sugu ni tsuku sa   kiete shimau mae ni
ikou yo   hora ikou yo   nani mo kamo   hottarakashi de
ikou yo   hora ikou yo   ano niji made   furimukanaide
Let's go, let's just go
To that rainbow over there, with the wind blowing in our ears
Let's go, we'll be there soon
Before it finally disappears
Let's go, let's just go
Putting everything else aside
Let's go, let's just go
To that rainbow over there, not looking back.

Translator's Notes :
[1] The word 'kakechigaeru' has two meanings: one is to dial a wrong number on the phone (and that's the one specified in this line), but the other meaning is to have miscommunication or crossed lines, either failing to see someone when you're trying to meet that person, or having different ways of thinking, etc.


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