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The site you are currently viewing,, is a mirror of now-defunct I have found no way to contact the original maintainer, Teresa Ko,
so this site runs "AS IS".

You can contact the current maintainer here.

The original maintainer's FAQ follows...

If you have a question, please read the FAQ below, and if you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free also to write an e-mail.

Thank you for your comments!


Q : In the discography, what does INS, OP, etc. mean?

These are abbreviations for the special tie-up categories that many of the tracks have. An 'OP' is an opening song; an 'ED' is an ending song; a 'TM' is a theme song (ie, for a movie); and an 'INS' is an insert song (a song inserted into an actual episode of, or just loosely connected to, the anime/program in question). An 'IM' is an image song (ie, a character song), and a 'CM IM' is an image song for a commercial (ie, a song featured on a commercial).

Q : In the lyrics section, why do the S-JIS lyrics not show up correctly?

If you're using either the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser, please make sure you have Japanese support installed, and activate it by going to "Encoding" in the View menu and selecting Japanese (Auto-Select) or Japanese (Shift-JIS). For Netscape users, please use Shoudouka, NJStar Communicator, or some other CJK code viewer to view the S-JIS script. Please refer to this page for more suggestions and information.

Q : How accurate are the translations on your site, exactly?

Ah, the big question. To tell the truth, I'm not fluent in Japanese; and although I've been studying it for several years now, I'm not yet at any level where I can confidently say my translations are 100% accurate. So please bear with me; I'm sure I make many errors, but I strive to keep them to a minimum as far as it is in my power.

If you happen to catch a mistake anywhere in my translations, please e-mail me.

Q : Can you say a little more about yourself?

I'm currently a student at UC Berkeley in California, majoring in Integrative Biology and minoring in Japanese. I like to use my spare credits learning the Japanese and German languages. My interests are music (though only listening; I sadly have no skill with musical instruments), drawing, and computer stuff. This site is an extracurricular project of mine, in a way, and also a nice way to practice my HTML skills in case I ever need to use it in an academic or professional capacity.

Q : How did you first learn about Okui Masami?

For a long, long answer to that question, please feel free to read the welcome message.

Q : Which other J-Pop/Rock/Anime Song artists do you like?

Too many to list, but among my very favorites are Yaida Hitomi, Shimokawa Mikuni, Do As Infinity, Onitsuka Chihiro, and Gackt.


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