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Updates 2003


2003.12.26 -
One more diary entry, and updates to the r.o.r/s discography section to reflect the release of "dazzle". Also, an update in the news section with new pre-order and r.o.r/s info.

2003.12.24 -
Ten new diary entries. Plus, a new lyrics translation after a long hiatus, of a song that I thought was rather appropriate for the holidays. Please have a wonderful, warm, and safe Christmas with your friends and family! Happy Holidays!!

    Okui Masami - eternal promise   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.12.08 -
Links in the media section have been fixed and should work properly now. Thank you to Iori for reporting the broken links.

2003.12.06 -
Two diary entries, December update to the media section, and news about the r.o.r/s album "Dazzle" in the news section.

2003.12.01 -
A great number of new diary entries, plus the discography section has been updated to reflect the release of "SECOND IMPACT" and "V-mode." Lastly, be sure to check the news section for pre-order links to Makkun's upcoming all-new album!

2003.11.12 -
Three more diary entries.

2003.11.07 -
Six new diary entries for the month of November. Also, pre-order information for two new releases in the news section.

2003.11.04 -
The discography section for r.o.r/s has been updated with their new maxi single, "Tattoo Kiss," plus some new info in the news section. Finally, the media page has its new November update. Concerning the media page, I must announce that, due to the official policy of my university (whose server I'm using right now for this site, by the way), I will no longer be providing mp3 files on this site for the forseeable future. I apologize for this sudden notice, but I don't have the time to deal with copyright issues and threats of monetary fines and so on. I will however, be providing short video clips and promotion videos in their place, which I hope no one will be able to object to. Thank you for your understanding, and as always, please do consider purchasing legal CDs and DVDs to support your favorite music artists. Thank you.

2003.10.29 -
Six more diary entries. Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

2003.10.20 -
Two more diary entries, including some news about an upcoming "S-mode #2" album.

2003.10.18 -
Three diary entries. Sorry for the lack of updates; my professors don't seem to believe in giving us breather time after midterms anymore, I guess. (-.-)

2003.10.10 -
Five new diary entries added to the lyrics section, and information and pre-order links to Makkun's upcoming three releases added to the news section. Also, the album discography section has been updated with tie-in (aka "tie-up") information for the tracks in each album released to date.

2003.10.01 -
A new month's update to the media section. We have a special theme this time, noteworthy song remixes; plus a video of a live performance by JAM Project.

2003.09.30 -
Three more diary entries, update to the news section, and two song translations :

    Okui Masami - Sunrise Sunset   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Okui Masami - TURNING POINT   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.09.27 -
Three diary entries and a new song translation :

    Okui Masami - Moon   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.09.23 -
A few new diary entries to bring us up to date.

2003.09.21 -
In celebration of's first year anniversary, Layout ver 3.0 is now up!!
With the new layout comes a massive update to the entire website with additions to almost every section :
intro. : A new personal message for newcomers to this site.
discog. : New sections have been added reflecting Makkun's involvement in JAM Project and r.o.r/s. Also, track lists and additional info have finally been added to all CD singles and albums (also check the CD album listings for translations of mini-comments written by Makkun concerning her various album releases).
lyrics : Five new diary entries.
reviews : A new review is up, on the album 'DEVOTION.'
other : One new song translation, from Bomberman: B-Daman Bakugaiden, Kitto Ashita wa Hareru kara :   translation  |  s-jis  |  text.
site : A small FAQ sheet added to the contact page, a much-needed credits page, a somewhat useless but fun layouts archive, and the links page is back with added and updated links.

2003.09.09 -
A few juicy tidbits at makkunplace.

2003.09.08 -
I'm not having much like with the media section this month, it seems. Another error has been fixed, this time dealing with the 'OVER THE END' PV; if you've been getting errors while unzipping the three WinRAR files, please re-download the files and try unzipping the new files. I apologize for the trouble.
In other updates, several new entries have been added to the diary section, some containing some exciting news.
Speaking of exciting news, in lieu of this site's upcoming 1st anniversary, I have a little surprise coming up. Stay tuned...

2003.09.06 -
Oops, fixed a broken link to the karaoke of 'OVER THE END' in the media section. If any other errors show up, please let me know.

2003.09.02 -
One new diary entry and an update to the media section.

2003.08.27 -
Two diary entries, and some news in the news section.

2003.08.25 -
One new diary entry. Also, a bit of site-related news : I'm going to close down media requests for the time being, due to the backlog of requests I've received over the past few months. Requests that have already been sent to me as of this day will be granted, but otherwise please do not e-mail me with requests; they will be ignored. Thank you for your patience!

2003.08.15 -
One new diary entry, and a new song translation :

      Okui Masami - Field ~Heaven & Hell~   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.08.13 -
One new diary entry.

2003.08.11 -
A somewhat large (and very late) update -- five new diary entries for the month of August, a new month of music in the media section, and a small tidbit in the new section.

2003.08.01 -
One last diary entry for the month of July.

2003.07.30 -
Two diary entries, an update to the news section, and one song translation :

      MASAMI OKUI - Majime na Kikkake   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.07.28 -
Two more diary entries for your reading pleasure.

2003.07.24 -
A couple of new diary entries. Plus, some *interesting* photos in Yonekura Chihiro's diary. Just scroll down for some sneak peeks at the filming of the r.o.r/s promotion video. My oh my! O_O

2003.07.22 -
Two new song translations!

      masami okui - Chou   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Okui Masami - only one, No.1   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.07.17 -
One more diary entry, and a song translation :

      Moriyama Naotarou - Sakura   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.07.16 -
The latest four diary entries. Also, a much-needed revision to the translation of HOT SPICE :

      OKUI Masami - HOT SPICE   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.07.10 -
One new diary entry and two song translations :

      masami okui - Shounen   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      masami okui - Shuffle   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.07.09 -
One more diary entry about "THINK PINK", and a small update to the news section.

2003.07.08 -
Two new diary entries now up.

2003.07.03 -
One song translation from Onitsuka Chihiro. And to those of you in the US, have a great 4th of July weekend ^_^ :

      Onitsuka Chihiro - Ibara no Umi   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.07.02 -
Four new diary entries, and 2 translations of songs from the anime series 'Stellvia of the Universe' :

      Uchuu no Stellvia - Asu he no brilliant road   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Uchuu no Stellvia - Kirei na Yozora   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.07.01 -
Update to the media section, with 5 songs and 1 promotion video up.

2003.06.25 -
A long overdue update to the news section, including details about the first CD release from the Okui/Yonekura music unit.

2003.06.24 -
Three new song translations :

      masami okui - DEVOTION   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      masami okui - I'd love you to touch me   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Okui Masami - M.M FAMILY   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.06.23 -
The latest four diary entries are now up.

2003.06.18 -
Two new diary entries and two song translations in the other section. Also, please be aware that, due to certain circumstances, the FTP will only be up until the end of this week (I'll keep it up until Saturday, June 21). Please get the CUTIE PV during this time, and I apologize for the rush :

      Porno Graffitti - Saudade   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Slayers - feel well   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.06.11 -
Two song translations and one new CD review to complete 'crossroad' :

      okui, masami - be free   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      okui, masami - high high high   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.06.10 -
One new diary entry, and I've rewritten the welcome message in the introduction section. One more thing: For those of you downloading the 'CUTIE' PV, please be aware that the URL for the files will change from time to time (I'm kind of cheating and using a dynamic IP address =P). Thus, if you're using an FTP program or a download program like Getright, always check this website for the current link before you try accessing the server! Thank you.

2003.06.09 -
Two new diary entries, and a few song translations :

      okui, masami - bird   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      okui, masami - NECESSARY   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      okui, masami - Scramble   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.06.06 -
Two song translations in the lyrics and translations section to complete Her-Day :

      Okui Masami - Love Sick   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Okui Masami - Maria   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.06.05 -
One more diary entry for the month of June, and four songs translations up in the lyrics and translations section :

      Okui Masami - KETSUMATSU   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Okui Masami - labyrinth   lyrics  |  s-jis  |  text
      okui, masami - Love Rocket ni Natte   lyrics  |  s-jis  |  text
      Okui Masami - spirit of the globe   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.06.04 -
The June update in the media section is now up, with four songs and one promotion video. Enjoy! ^^

2003.05.31 -
Makkun writes two new diary entries about 'The Matrix: Reloaded'. Plus, three more songs up in the lyrics and translations section (all past translations have also been restored) :

      Okui Masami - Bay side story ~from Tokyo~   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Okui Masami - BEATS the BAND   lyrics  |  s-jis  |  text
      Okui Masami - stillness   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.05.29 -
The latest diary entry up, and two more translations added to the other section :

      Detective Conan - Time after time ~Hanamau Machi de~   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Matsumoto Akiko - soon   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.05.27 -
One new diary entry up, and new translations added to the other section :

      Morning Musume. - Never Forget   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Senkaiden Houshin Engi - SOMEDAY   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      Slayers - Ame no Far away   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      YUMING - Mamotte Agetai   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.05.24 -
Whoo, finals are over!! ^_^ Three new diary entries up.

2003.05.16 -
One diary entry translated, and makkunplace is updated with info on the 3 new clips available for download at makusonia.

2003.05.14 -
The latest diary entries translated, and the liner notes page is back up with an article about the OP for Scrapped Princess, Little Wing!

2003.05.12 -
Two diary entries up, and a new okui,masami song translated :

      Nemurenai Yoru ga Kureta Mono   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.05.09 -
Lyrics and translations restored to the S's, with a slightly revised translation to 'Shiawase tte...'. Also, three new diary entries up.

2003.05.03 -
The latest diary entry is up, and I corrected a mistake in the translation to 'IN THIS ARM' in the lyrics & translation section. BTW, I received 'Masami Kobushi' in the mail today! I'm very happy. ^o^

2003.05.01 -
The discography, profile, and news pages have been updated to reflect today's release of 'Masami Kobushi'! A few more Makkun song lyrics and translations restored, and the downloads page is updated with 2 audio files and 2 promotion videos. Lastly, the diary entries page now has the latest few entries up.

2003.04.26 -
Makkun song lyrics and translations up to the 'M's have been restored, and two new ones added :

      Jounetsu   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
      mission   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.04.25 -
The latest diary entry translated, plus makkunplace is updated with a link to Starchild's homepage, where sample clips from all tracks of 'Masami Kobushi' are available to listen to!

2003.04.24 -
Another two diary entries translated, and some more songs restored in the lyrics and translations section. I apologize for the lack of significant updates lately; with my frantic search for affordable housing for this fall & preparations for final exams and projects, I'm not finding much time to do anything Makkun-related...

But, looking forward to the release of Masami Kobushi! Seven days left! ^^

2003.04.19 -
The latest two diary entries translated. Plus, the rest of the songs that were in the other artists section have been restored, and a new song by Nana Mizuki-san added:

      Mizuki Nana - Brilliant Star   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.04.14 -
A huge update this time: The media page is finally back up, with 3 songs and a promotional video available for download! The lists of music available have also undergone a big update, so please check them for the latest available PV's and karaoke and vocal songs. Also, the other artists section is back up, with a few songs restored. Last but not least, the diary entries page has been updated with two diary entries, one of which involves a false fire alarm at Makkun's home. Enjoy! ^_^

2003.04.12 -
A new splash page is up! Also added a toolbar in the translations section for easier navigation, and restored the lyrics to Key, Kimi to Boku ni Dekiru Koto, kiss in the dark, and Koishimasho Nebarimasho to that section, too.

2003.04.11 -
Added the latest 4 or 5 diary entries to the translations section. Also, added the latest news to makkunplace.

2003.04.09 -
Restored lyrics translations for HOT SPICE, Iiwake, I WAS BORN TO FALL IN LOVE, J, and Just do it.

2003.04.01 -
Two new diary entries in the translations section. Also, one new song translation, this one from S-mode #1, below. Lastly, the downloads page is not back up yet, but it will be up soon with the April update.

      Ame no Faraway   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.03.31 -
Restored CUTIE, Dare Yori mo Zutto, Dareka ga Dareka wo, DEPORTATION, endless life, Eve, and IN THIS ARM to the translations section.

2003.03.29 -
Added the latest diary entry, dated March 28.

2003.03.28 -
Restored AKA, ANGEL'S VOICE, Ano Hi no Gogo, BIG-3, Birth, CHAOS, and CLIMAX to the translations section.

2003.03.25 -
Restored the diary entries page, with a new entry for March 23.

2003.03.24 -
Layout ver.2 now up. Added an artist profile and be-show profile page and a review of the CD album Her-Day.

2003.03.22 -
The latest two diary entries are up. Also, a new Masami Okui song translated :

Just do it   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.03.17 -
The diary entry for March 16 is now up.

2003.03.14 -
makkunplace is now updated with 3 pieces of major news. Also, the latest diary entry now up.

2003.03.13 -
Happy birthday to Masami Okui! ^_^ A new diary entry written on Makkun's birthday now translated, with a big hint on what Makkun would really like for a birthday present.

2003.03.07 -
Pre-orders can now be made for Makkun's new cover album! Go the makkunplace for more details. Also, a new song translated :

DEPORTATION~but, never too late~   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.03.03 -
The promotional video featuring "Birth" can now be found in the downloads section.

2003.02.28 -
makusonia has a sharp new page design! There is also a new diary entry, which has been translated here. Also, the March update in the downloads section is now up. Sorry, but the video will take a bit longer to upload and so isn't yet available. Thanks for your patience. ^_^

2003.02.26 -
The latest two diary entries now up. Also, I regret to say that Nic-san will be closing down My Makkun Club. Sorry to see it go. =(

2003.02.22 -
An interesting new diary entry with more information about Birth Live '03. Also, a new song translated :

Ano Hi no Gogo   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.02.21 -
New diary entry in which Makkun talks about recording "Truth" for her new cover album. Also, ever wonder whatever happened to Toshiro Yabuki & Tsutomu Oohira? They're now writing songs for the singer/seiyuu Nana Mizuki. A translation to the lyrics of one of her songs, suddenly ~Meguriaete~, is now up.

Nana Mizuki - suddenly   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.02.20 -
Very big news concerning CD releases at makusonia; find it translated at makkunplace.

2003.02.19 -
Makkun's two latest diary entries at makusonia are kind of interesting and funny, so I decided to translate them. To access them, click on the following link or go the the diary entries in the lyrics & translations section.

2003.02.07 -
New song translation is up. Many, many thanks to Kata for the lyrics scans!^.^

ANGEL'S VOICE   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.02.04 -
Promotion video for 'AKA' is now up and ready in the downloads section.

2003.02.01 -
February mp3 downloads are now online. However, I'm having a bit of problem with my FTP server, so the video I intended to post will be unavailable for a while. Sorry for the wait; I'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

2003.01.31 -
Fixed a few dead-end links, and a minor update to makkunplace.

2003.01.28 -
Recent news at makkunplace, and a song from Slayers Royal :

Slayers - Touch Yourself   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.27 -
School has started up once again, so updates will fewer and farther between, unfortunately. One translation this time, from I've :

Hakidame - Utsukushiku Ikitai   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.20 -
Added three more lyrics & translations :

endless life   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
I WAS BORN TO FALL IN LOVE   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
lotus   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.17 -
I finally noticed the discolorations in the graphics on this website (they're not visible on the computer I usually work on), so I remade the pictures and changed the colors a bit. Also, added 3 translations in the others translations section.

dream - HELLO GOODBYE   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
w-inds. - Paradox   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
w-inds. - Show me your style   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.14 -
Updates from makusonia now in makkunplace. Also, I've translated the following liner notes, which can be found in the lyrics & translations section : CUTIE and Rondo = revolution / I can't....

2003.01.11 -
Added the links section and two more songs :

OVER THE END   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
Rururu   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.10 -
Added two slow songs :

Dare Yori mo Zutto...   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
Last Scene   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.09 -
Two more lyrics & translations from two famous anime series :

CUTIE   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

J   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.08 -
Two more lyrics & translations :

Live alone Sen'nen Tattemo   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
SOMEDAY   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.07 -
S-mode #1 is now in the lyrics & translations section, to which 3 more Makkun lyrics have been added:

Never die   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
strawberry fields   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
Tenshi no Kyuusoku   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.05 -
Added 3 songs to the other translations section:

w-inds. - Feel The Fate   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
Witch Hunter ROBIN - half pain   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
Onitsuka C. - LITTLE BEAT RIFLE   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2003.01.02 -
Put a new batch of mp3s in the download section. Also added a Makkun song and a Witch Hunter ROBIN song :

Te no Hira no Kakera   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
Shell   translation  |  s-jis  |  text


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