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Updates 2004


2004.12.21 -
Three new diary entries up. Also, the news section has been updated.

2004.12.15 -
Two slow songs from Makkun's repertoire have been translated :

    Okui Masami - Futari   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Okui Masami - I can't...   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2004.12.14 -
Added translations in chronologically reverse order for diary entries up to Nov. 22. Read up for some interesting hints on 'Dragonfly' and Makkun's recent radio program appearances.

2004.12.13 -
Added discography information for JAM Project's 'JAM-ISM" and 'Genkai Battle', as well as Okui Masami's 'Olive'. The news section has a massive addition of news and an updated orders and pre-orders list.

2004.12.11 -
How time really does fly! Though for the most part, Time is really nice about letting you along for the ride, THEN it whacks you with a handful of out-of-state medical school interviews, multiple day-long flights and piles of homework, projects, and finals, then flies off without you.

I apologize for my recent hiatus from this site. However, expect a large update in the very near future--including translations of Makkun's diary for the past month, in which Makkun drops some juicy hints about her upcoming album "Dragonfly"; translations of songs you (or maybe just I) have been dying to see; news regarding "evolution" and upcoming releases; and maybe even a revamped site design?? (Think hot-pink. Trust me.)

See you again soon!

2004.09.11 -
Five more diary entries that now catch me up with the entries at makusonia. Also, an update to the news section regarding the 'evolution' official website and Makkun's first release on her new label!

2004.09.07 -
A whole month's worth of diary entries and an update to the news section.

2004.07.31 -
Big news in the news section.

2004.07.28 -
Two diary entries and two new song translations :

    okui, masami - SECOND IMPACT   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    masami okui - Toki ni Ai wa   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2004.07.24 -
One more diary entry, and two pieces of info in the news section.

2004.07.21 -
A month and a half's worth of diary entries are now up, including those involving JAM Project's attendance at the Animefriends events in Brazil. A small update to the news section, and two new song translations :

    Okui Masami - Energy   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    masami okui - Hoka ni Nani ga...   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2004.06.05 -
Five diary entries. Added discography information for JAM Project's newest release, the CD-single 'VOYAGER'. Lastly, the news section has new information about JAM Project's upcoming events.

2004.05.21 -
Two more diary entries, and some info on the upcoming 'Miyabi BOX' release and Brazil's Animefriends convention in the news section. Also, the link to Kata's webpage has been updated in the links section.

2004.05.18 - has moved onto a new server (one that still belongs to UC Berkeley, nonetheless). Links to this site from Google and other search engines might disappear for a little while into the URL roaming bots find a re-direct to the new URL.
Also, I accidentally deleted my CSS style sheet for this webpage without realizing it until it was too late, so I had to construct a new one from scratch. If anyone sees some weird blocking or bad-looking font on one the pages here, please feel free to inform me.
Finally, a few new diary entries. I'm still a couple of entries behind, but I'll try to get them up in the next few days.

2004.04.21 -
The last of the be-show links were taken down, and new info put up in the discography section and news section concerning JAM Project's latest 2 singles, which were released today. Also, I've made a minor correction to two songs in the lyrics section : CHAOS and Sayonara.

2004.04.19 -
Whew! The MCAT is over and I have been dearly missing this site. So, to make it for my sad neglect of in the last month, here comes a very large update for your perusing pleasure, with new stuff in every section. As follows :
intro.: Link for be-show's profile has been removed, since be-show has officially disbanded.
discog.: New tie-in info has been added to the r.o.r/s "dazzle" album page.
news: More details about the new r.o.r/s tie-in deal; plus the pre-order list has been updated with JAM Project's upcoming releases.
lyrics: Submenus for albums "ReBirth" and "S-mode #2" have been added to the listing by cd page. Also, sixteen(!) new diary entries.
reviews: A special guest review of S-mode #1 written by Aijinn has finally been added. Sorry for the wait, Aijinn!
other: Two new songs w/ translations have been added :

    Uchuu no Stellvia - The end of the world   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Yaida Hitomi - Ashita kara no Tegami   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

site: One link added, to the true devotion: an okui, masami fanlisting site. Also, the thank-you page and FAQ have been slightly updated.

2004.03.19 -
No updates this time; just a small notice: This site will remain fairly static until after April 17, which is the date of my oh-so-fantastic MCAT exam. Until then, please check the mmc+ forum for the latest Makkun-related news and discussion. I'll be back to update this site in a month. And for those of you who may be so gracious -- please wish me a little luck...

2004.03.08 -
Track lists have finally been added to the video & movies portion of the discography section.

2004.03.01 -
The discography section and the news section has been updated to reflect the release of Makkun's latest compilation album "S-mode #2". Also, a new link for the okui, masami forum - mmc+ in the links section. Lastly, five new diary entries.

2004.02.17 - is now back online after a period of downtime caused by a hardware failure that affected UC Berkeley's Webdisk server. The problem has reportedly been fixed, and no further downtime is expected (besides that for regularly scheduled maintenance every day at 2-3 AM PST).
Also, four new diary entries.

2004.02.06 -
Six new diary entries.

2004.02.04 -
The discography section is updated with the release of Makkun's new album "ReBirth". Also, a little bit of information in the news section.

2004.01.26 -
The discography section has been updated with a new release from JAM Project. Also, information about a poll (that is open to everyone, not just MaBIC members) has been added to the news section.

2004.01.20 -
Eight diary entries, some news in the news section, and a wonderful CD review of the album "GYUU" submitted by Aijinn.

2004.01.07 -
Happy New Year, everyone! Four new diary entries and a new song translation :

    Okui Masami - Ajisai   translation  |  s-jis  |  text


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