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Updates 2005-2006


2006.10.28 -
Discography and news updated!

2006.08.16 -
A larger update this time, with Makkun-related JAM Project releases updated in the discography section and a few new translations:

    Masami Okui - A confession of TOKIO   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Masami Okui - Gift   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Masami Okui - mitsu   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Masami Okui - Paradise Lost   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Masami Okui - Sore wa Totsuzen Yattekuru   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

    CORE OF SOUL - Shiroi Kiseki   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    CORE OF SOUL - Sweet Dreams   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Onitsuka Chihiro - Beautiful Fighter   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2006.08.09 -
I love summer vacation. I'm nearing the end of a 6-week trip to Taiwan, and have finally put aside some time to update the discography and news sections with (what should now be) the latest news regarding Makkun's release schedule and other activities. I've also been translating a few songs and will try to get them up on the site shortly...

2006.01.25 -
Well, I just finished an exam, so here's a little update for you all (never mind that you might discover this only in July!). There's an online article from ORICON STYLE about Makkun's release 'mitsu', and I couldn't resist reading and translating it. So here you go: an English version of the article, with all of the graphics shamelessly ripped straight from the ORICON article! Oh, and be sure to visit the original article at the ORICON website, because there are graphics and a short video of Makkun that I didn't rip. Also, some updates in the news section and by special request, the romanized lyrics for 'POISON' from the album 'ReBirth'.

    okui,masami - POISON   lyrics  |  s-jis  |  text

Also, an interesting proposal has recently come to my attention that might affect the future of this site. Which is that, we MIGHT be moving to a new server and we MIGHT be getting a new person to help out with updating and expanding this site more than I could manage to do myself. So, please stay tuned....

2005.12.28 -
It's a little late, I'm sorry, but -- Merry Christmas!! After a few months of being at school and cramming facts and numbers into my head that I honestly no longer remember, I can hardly believe that the holiday season has rolled around yet again. It's amazing how everyday life seems to change around Christmas -- suddenly giftwrap and twinkly lights and hot cocoa become the most nostalgia-inducing things in the world.

Well, having not updated this site in several months, I doubt anyone actually looks at this page anymore! If anyone does indeed read this, though, I have to tell you some bad news, in that, if you happen to glance at this site more often than once or twice a year, you should stop doing so. Starting now. The reason being that, as much as I love working on this website, it's getting harder and harder for me to find the time to do all the html and translation that I used to do. As such, I think I need to put this site on a semi-permanent hiatus of sorts, meaning that I'm shutting down most aspects of this site -- diary, reviews, news, etc., with lyrics and translation being the only section that I'll continue to actively add to; I'll probably still occasionally add stuff to the discography and news sections when I have time. Please check back with us for those updates next July and December, when school lets out and I have some time to make some decent updates to this page. I apologize for not being able to do more, but there are a lot of other Makkun resources online (and, I hope, more that are in the process of being created!) which you can take advantage of, so I hope you'll be able to continue listening to and enjoying Makkun's music. So, as this year comes to a close, I wholeheartedly thank those of you who have visited this site and encouraged its progress through your e-mails and forum posts and so on. As the last update for this year, I've made some additions to news section and discography section. Also, I've translated five songs from the albums 'Dragonfly' and 'ReBirth.'

    Masami Okui - Route89   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Masami Okui - To all the things to love   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    okui,masami - Earth   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    okui,masami - INTRODUCTION   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    okui,masami - Triangle+α   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

Happy holidays, and best wishes for the new year!!

(Note: My current webserver is based at a university which I no longer attend, so it's possible that my account will expire at some point in the future. If there are any files on this site that you'd like to refer to for your own use, please save them onto your own computer now, because I wouldn't be able to get them online again until I can find a new webserver. For the sake of convenience, I've uploaded a .zip file with the .txt version of all the Makkun songs that are available on this site.)

2005.07.12 -
More stuff in the news section, and added 'ONENESS' to the discography section.

2005.06.27 -
My computer is back up and running! Time for more updates:
Some release info in the news section, and two more songs (both with lyrics written by Makkun for other people) in the other artists section.

    Grenadier ~Hohoemi no Senshi~ - KOHAKU   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Mizuki Nana - TRANSMIGRATION   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2005.06.16 -
Is it really June already? Oh my...
Sorry for yet another long hiatus from this site, but in the span of these past 2 months, I've been caught up with final exams, my college graduation (whoo!), preparations to go to med school this fall (woohoo!!), and a two-week trip to Japan and Taiwan which I just came back from (too amazing an experience for words, honestly ^^).
Anyway, on to updates. The discography section has been updated with Makkun's latest 2 releases, and I've added back information in the other/collaboration section, mostly for artist Ishida Youko. There is also a massive addition to the news section, with reports of Makkun's latest scheduled concert appearances, a special CD-single release from an anime song super-unit called 'Anisama Friends', and reports of Makkun working on... voice acting!?
Finally, two song translations in the other artists section, both by angela from their terrific album Sora no Koe.

    angela - How many?   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Stellvia of the Universe - dear my best friend   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

As a bit of a warning, I'm planning to reformat my hard drive since my computer has become a bit worse for wear over 4 years of continuous abuse by yours truly. If you don't happen to see an update on this site in the next few months, it will probably be because this is my first time reformatting and I probably messed up somewhere big -- for instance, deleting all my backups for this webpage or having my OS completely up and die on me. Of course, nothing so terrible would happen, right? Riiiiight.

2005.04.05 -
One more piece of info in the news section and one song translation :

    Masami Okui - Lupin 3rd: Ai no Theme   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

Finally, a small shout-out ---- Happy Birthday, Aijinn!

2005.04.02 -
The news section has been updated, and two song translations have been added:

    Masami Okui - Olive   translation  |  s-jis  |  text
    Masami Okui - Troubadour ~Ginyuushijin~   translation  |  s-jis  |  text

2005.02.25 -
The discography section has been updated with the release of 'S-mode #3' and JAM Project's 4th live DVD concert. The news section has also been updated.

2005.02.15 -
A few more diary entries!

2005.02.10 -
The lyrics & translation section is back up! A section for the new album 'Dragonfly' has been added.

2005.02.08 -
About 5 or 6 more diary entries have been added, and news added to the news section. Also, just to let you know what's been added/renovated to the site in this new layout :
Introduction : Has been updated and slightly modified.
Discography : Discography has been updated with information for 'Dragonfly' and 'GIGS 2004 ReBirth', and a new section has been added for releases not under Makkun's name on the King Records or evolution labels.
News : Last year's news have been archived.
Diary : A new and separate section for just the diary entries.
Site & Contact : Ver. 3's layout has been archived, and links have been updated.

2005.02.02 -
Version 4: PINK HOT SPICE! is now up! As of this moment, everything but the Lyrics&Transl. section is functioning. Links and code have been worked out for the most part, but if you happen to see any errors and strange codes, please let me know.

2005.01.11 -
A month's worth of diary entries up, and the news section has been updated.

2005.01.10 -
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe, warm, and happy holiday season. The past few weeks have been rife with reports from the full spectrum of news media concerning the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia. For those of you who identify as your home one of those countries that were hit by the tsunami, or for those of you who have relatives and friends in those areas, I pray that you'll find relief, happy news, and healing in this new year. For anyone who can, please continue to offer your prayers and support to the ongoing international relief effort in response to the tsunami disaster. Below are a few links to a few of the major organizations accepting donations :

Action Against Hunger
American Friends Service Committee
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
American Red Cross
Catholic Relief Services
Direct Relief International
International Medical Corps
Islamic Relief
Lutheran World Relief
Mercy Corps
Operation USA
Oxfam America Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement
Save the Children
Seva Foundation
World Vision International

Thank you for reading!


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